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Guest Nights (Public Tea)







With a reservation at least two weeks in advance, the Portland Wakai Tea Association under the guidance of its teachers welcomes you to be a participant guest at any of our monthly Guest Nights (chado ceremony presentations) in the tearoom to experience and gain an understanding of the spirit of Tea.
The chado presentation is simply the preparation, serving and drinking of powdered green tea; yet within this simplicity lies the very heart of Japanese culture. In quiet setting of tearoom, guests contemplate words on a scroll, view the flowers in the alcove and enjoy a bowl of tea. Guest nights are an ideal way to introduce your friends to Tea. Location of Guest Night and contact information will be made available after the confirmation of your reservation. 

Fees are $10 for a non-member and $8 for a Wakai member.

Upon receiving your inquiry we will let you know availability of space as soon as possible.  Reservations are confirmed in the order that we receive the payment; therefore, we encourage you to send your payment well in advance.  Once we receive your fee you will be sent venue location and further contact information. 


Reservations are required for the following reasons:


1. In order to host a Guest Night, we prepare utensils, fresh tea, and sweets according to a number of guests, so it is helpful for us to know how many guests are attending.

2. There is a possibility that the venue might change.

3. There is a minimum number and a maximum number of attendees that we can accommodate. We may have to cancel or reschedule your reservation.


We appreciate your understanding of our policies and look forward to meeting you in the near future.

For further information and to make a guest night reservation, please email with subject line Guest Night to wakaiguest@gmail.com

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The following is the schedule.

GUEST NIGHTS (Last Tuesday of every month)

Please arrive by 10 minutes before the event time.  For 7:00 PM event, arrive by 6:50 PM.

Date Reservation with payment or cancellation required by: Location Time
Jan 30 Jan 25 Portland 7:00 PM
Feb 27 Feb 22 Portland 7:00 PM
Mar 27 Mar 22 Portland 7:00 PM
Apr 24 Apr 19 Portland 7:00 PM
May 29 May 24 Portland 7:00 PM
Jun 26 Jun 21 Portland 7:00 PM
Jul 31 Jul 26 Portland 7:00 PM
Aug 28 Aug 23 Portland 7:00 PM
Sep 25 Sep 20 Eugene 7:00 PM
Oct 30 Oct 25 Portland 7:00 PM
Nov 27 Nov 23 Portland 7:00 PM
Dec 25 Dec 19 Portland 7:00 PM